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Creative Wedding Shower Themes 

by iParty.com 

Creative Wedding Shower Themes

Instead of an ordinary shower for the soon-to-be bride, make it special and unique by selecting a creative theme for the party. Then send out invitations to match the theme, decorate with crepe paper, gossamer and balloons in the bride's colors, and set an elegant table with fancy sandwiches, sparkling fruit drinks, and a miniature wedding cake that doubles as a centerpiece. Send the guests home with a small box of gourmet chocolates and a romance novel to thank them for coming.

Chef de Cuisine Shower - Send out invitations written on recipe cards, and ask the guests to bring something for the gourmet cook and her kitchen - a blender, some good pans, or a basket full of cooking gadgets. Have them also bring a favorite recipe and the ingredients to make it. Then set a festive table, serve gourmet snacks, and give the guests a jar of fancy chocolate sauce to take home.

Round-The Clock Shower - Assign each guest a special time of the day, such as "Crack of Dawn," "Mid-Morning Break," "High Noon," "Early Afternoon," "Tea-Time," "Cocktail Hour," "Dinner Time," "Time for Bed," "Midnight Hour," and so on. Have them bring something related to the assigned time, such as a coffee maker for "Crack of Dawn," a colorful teapot for "Tea-Time," and a slinky negligee for "Time for Bed." Serve foods from the various times, and give the guests small clocks or inexpensive fun watches for favors.

Romance Basket Shower - Mail photocopies of romance novel book covers with party details added to the copy. Ask guests to bring something romantic in a basket for the bride and groom, such as sexy lingerie, champagne and two glasses, body paints, a sexy video and popcorn, satin pillowcases, massage oils and scented candles. Serve a heart-shaped cake.

Home-Sweet-Home Shower - Cut out magazine pictures of various rooms of the house and send a different one to each guest. Ask them to bring something for the room featured in the picture, such as flannel sheets for the bedroom, a serving platter for the dining room, picture frames for the living room, and bath crystals for the bathroom. Have the bakery make a sheet cake shaped like a house, and give the guests decorative candles for their own homes.

Fun and Games Shower - Send out giant construction paper tickets to the shower, and ask the guests to bring some kind of entertainment item, such as movie tickets, a box game for lovers, some comedy videos, dance party CDs, or a coupon good for dinner at a local restaurant. Serve movie theater popcorn and candy, sodas, and a cake shaped like a pair of dice or a playing card. Give the guests popcorn and theater candy to take home.

Around the World Shower - Mail postcards of different foreign locales to the guests and ask them to bring something that represents the area pictured, such as a pasta-maker from Italy, French wine from France, a wok from China, a hibachi from Japan, chocolates from Belgium, jars of chili peppers from Mexico, and so on. Decorate with props from the various countries, and serve a variety of foreign foods. Make a classic American chocolate cake with Neapolitan ice cream, then send the guests home with posters of the countries.

Main Articles Page Visit the Su Casa Productions home page

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